I’m Back!

So, after a much too long hiatus from WordPress, I’m back!  Graduated, living in St. Louis, and trying to find time to practice my photography between working two jobs.  (Not that that is super interesting for anyone)  However, since I haven’t blogged in a few months, let me catch y’all up to speed.

This is amongst one of my favorite images from my semester long project.

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How To Window Mount Your Photography

Window mounting is used when framing your photos because it adds a more "finished" look to them. Photo from ricardodiaz11 on Flickr.

I have created a “how to” video on window mounting your images.  Whether you need to know how to do this for the upcoming holidays or for your final projects in school, this video has step-by-step instructions on making your photos even more presentable to your audience. Continue reading

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Pet Photography

My loving mare, Dante. She's the best, by far. Even after all of the "goobers" that ended up on me after she was done nuzzling.

First and foremost, thanks so so much for helping my blog get “Freshly Pressed”.  I must say, waking up to hundreds of emails from WordPress.com had me rather confused, especially since I wasn’t aware of what “freshly pressed” meant.  Then I went to WordPress.com and what do ya know?  There’s my blog!  So thank you for all of your feedback and I’m pleased that everyone enjoyed my post so much. Continue reading

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How to Photograph Snow

When pets play in the snow, their personalities seemed to really come out. Take advantage of this and use it in your photos. Image by: jpctalbot Creative Commons Flickr

Snow can quite possibly be one of the trickiest subjects to photograph. Because of it’s intense reflections and clear coloring, your camera may have a tendency to turn the snow in your image either blue or yellow, both of which are not what our eyes see. Continue reading

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Where To Go For That Great Holiday Gift

This captures the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping rather well, no?

Having trouble finding holiday gifts for your favorite photographer?  There are two parallels with photographers.  They either seem to have everything, or they don’t have enough.  Between the options of equipment, editing software, or darkroom acessories, the list seems to never end.

Fortunately, Chicago is home to some of the best camera supply places around.  Not only do these store carry items that are perfect for digital or film users, but they are also well-knowledged and can help the not so informed shoppers in picking out gifts. Continue reading

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Quiz Your Photography Knowledge

Macro photography is a "zoom" style of photography that explores the details in objects

With the seasons changing and preparing for the holidays, why not brush up on your photography knowledge?  Everyone gets mixed up in the holiday hustle and bustle, but some things we need to remember when out shooting.

Things you do not want to forget:

  • What ISO setting do I use? – This is always important, especially during family gatherings.  Mostlikely you will be in a setting with low lighting so you will want your ISO to be at a higher setting, at least 400 or higher.  The ISO is light sensitive so have a higher number to ensure your pictures turn out and are just a bunch of shadows.
  • Have different lenses handy – Caring lenses around may be a hassle, but the limits are numerous when you can change out your lens to create a new picture.  Think of how funny it would be to have that family shot with a “fisheye” lens? Continue reading
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You Already Have Your Most Convenient Camera

"Day 145" was taken and edited on an IPone by Alexkess on Flickr

With the advancement of technology in the last five years, electronic devices have become a part of our daily routine.  Most of us feel lost if we leave the house without our cell phones and, for good reason. Continue reading

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