Quiz Your Photography Knowledge

Macro photography is a "zoom" style of photography that explores the details in objects

With the seasons changing and preparing for the holidays, why not brush up on your photography knowledge?  Everyone gets mixed up in the holiday hustle and bustle, but some things we need to remember when out shooting.

Things you do not want to forget:

  • What ISO setting do I use? – This is always important, especially during family gatherings.  Mostlikely you will be in a setting with low lighting so you will want your ISO to be at a higher setting, at least 400 or higher.  The ISO is light sensitive so have a higher number to ensure your pictures turn out and are just a bunch of shadows.
  • Have different lenses handy – Caring lenses around may be a hassle, but the limits are numerous when you can change out your lens to create a new picture.  Think of how funny it would be to have that family shot with a “fisheye” lens?

A fisheye lens adds a sense of humor to many photos

  • What white balance will you use? – Depending on the mood of the setting you are in, using different white balances can create fun effects that add to the quality of your images.  If you’re in more of a low lit condition that seems “warm”, to balance it out, use a cooler setting that has more blue in it.  You can change your automatic settings, or use one of the presets within your camera.  Obviously the best way to figure out which to use is by just playing around!

Now take this quiz just to boggle your brain and see what you remember from your beginning days.

An easy way to change out your lenses quickly!

Photos by: Roomic Cube on FlickrPublicenergy on Flickr,


About alboehm

I am currently a senior at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising as well as minoring in Photography. I was born and raised in the heart of St. Louis, MO but have fallen in love with Chicago. I have created this blog to share what I love about photography and what I have learned over the years. Currently I am just starting to dabble in digital photography whereas I have been using film in my classes for the past few semesters. I hope y'all enjoy! "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." ~ Ansel Adams
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3 Responses to Quiz Your Photography Knowledge

  1. Great blog! I am hoping to learn and incorporate some photography into my own blog. Macro photopgraphy shots would be great for some fashion shots showcasing particular items. Will keep checking your site for further pointers…thanks!

  2. jenta says:

    the link to the quiz is not working 😦

  3. Html 5 Games says:

    I like this post, thank you.

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